Loose Threads Short Film

Loose Threads Short Film takes you on a journey through the eyes of Walter McClain.

Walter, a troubled 60 year old man, struggles with trying to forget his past by turning to alcohol and keeping himself busy on the streets on New York City. Just like every other day, Walter, with a bottle in hand, explores the city for hidden treasures among the trash. That is, until he finds a doll that brings back memories of his past that he has spent years trying to forget.

Walter is misunderstood to the world, but by the end of the film,¬†we begin to fully understand him and learn the reasons for his actions. Throughout the film, we realize that just like the doll, some things are meant for you to find.¬†Walter’s story is unique, entertaining and powerful and leaves you with understanding that the choices you make have lasting effects.

ROLE: Writer, Art Director